The Future of the Past

What did you do today to make that picture you saw the day before(about today) a reality?

DSC00544.JPG‘The charm of life has always been in the impossible and the new but it is in the possible and the now that the charm exists.’

This verse came to my mind a few days ago. The past week I was able to go on a fabulous tour that showed me how great our planet was when we see it as we see it on a canvas. It’s a painting in 3D. On that tour I came across what you could call a short trek. The end was a climb . It was lined with massive rocks that stuck to it like berries on an ice cream cone, threatening to fall down on me. Let’s just say I made it to the top. My friends had a great role in that. When I stood there, the wind making my hair go wild and my eyes blink, I thought of the determination that made those great climbers test their limits. Looking down I saw patches of land. It literally looked like pieces of cloth sewed together. It was amazing.








Sorry about all that rambling but I hope some of you enjoyed it.

So, I am going to ask that question I ask myself every time I write a post. It’s a good way to give an introduction and to tell you where this is heading.

What is this post about?

It’s about how you look at things in the present and how you should look at things in the future.

We often forget that though the present may not be that interesting, it was the future of the past. Let’s break it down to a basic picture.

Think of what you thought about today, yesterday.

Well if you ask me. I thought of ‘tomorrow’ yesterday as something to hope for. It was a picture that brought to life hope, happiness, peace and mystery.

But was today like that?

Maybe it was for some of you and maybe it wasn’t. But that’s not what I would like to bring to your attention. What I would like to bring to your attention is:

What did you do today to make that picture you saw the day before a reality?

The mistake we all have made so often in life is that we kept on dreaming but never thought of what we should do to make it a reality. We spent the past dreaming, we spend the present dreaming, and if the equation is not going to change, we could end up dreaming in the future too. But this equation will give the right results only when it is multiplied with hard work and determination.

We can’t change the past. We all have dreams. And there is nothing wrong with it making its presence known in every tense of life. But we must not forget that dreams are meant to be a reality.

So what should we do?

Take time to think what you could do to make the present what you hoped for in the past. And believe me when you feel that you’ve accomplished even a small fragment of that goal, more dreams will pile in. You will realise that those dreams have many things in common and you can climb that giant rock, that great mountain, knowing that when you reach the top, you’ll be able to see what those many dreams look like together. And believe me those patches of dreams will all be stitched together to form a great scene. One that you, you friends, your family and everyone who comes into that climb of life with you will be able to cherish.

Thanks for reading this and I’ll try and put up some more photos of my trip in the coming posts. God bless you!!!1



Life is a song sung by you. It’s up to you whether to go solo or to form an orchestra.

I’ve always loved music. When I’m around music, it’s like I’m in my own space, my natural habitat. This is one of the reasons why I’ve always loved putting together music and life. And every time, I find a new combination. It’s pretty much like cooking in the kitchen.

So what did I find out this time?

That life is a song sung by you. It’s up to you whether to go solo or to form an orchestra.

I’ve always loved how the science of music has a lot to do with the life of a human  being. Sometimes it starts with the subtle breezy cello and ends with a crescendo of a live orchestra( fireworks are optional) and sometimes it starts with a crescendo and ends with a subtle note. Life is sometimes like that. Sometimes it’s slow strings all the way and sometimes it’s heavy and you can hear the drums roll and roll again.

What I like about this theory is how every life is always a song. As unique people, we all have different tastes for music. Some like the classic rock ‘n’ roll and some like the slow songs. It’s the same out here in the real world. Our choice of friends is an example. But the truth is every song will have a devoted listener. Just because you don’t like a song it doesn’t mean that there isn’t somebody out there who is going to love it.

Something we often forget is the fact that music is made not to just entertain, but to comfort, to nourish and to build you back up. You may not find it entertaining but somebody else is going to find it comforting and encouraging. In other words, no music is useless.

Well, what does that mean?

It means that no life is useless. 

Your life is a song that God already knows everything about and he did not think it was useless because he made you. So, when you feel like no one wants you and you’re dead weight, remember there is someone out there who loves you and needs your comfort, a comfort only you may be able to give.

The next part of this post is about the way you produce your song. If you are able to put in the right amount of passion, faith, love, courage and soul into your music, it’s going to be on the top of the charts for a long time. Your song of life could reverberate into centuries like Mozart and Beethoven.

You can go solo or you can learn to be a team player. You can shut everybody out of your life and go solo only to realise in the end that you’ve missed on all those magical notes. You can’t play all the instruments. You have to let somebody into your life to help you out. And that somebody should be trustworthy. Learn to be around people who will build you up and keep you there, not people who will kick you down to get higher. Remember the background music sets the mood for you to sing, so it has a great influence. So choose what you should listen to and who you should listen to.

And last but not least.

Once you get there and you are famous and people start to look up to you. Remember your teammates. Remember that they were the ones who set the mood for you to sing. Walk with them through their good times and their bad times and soon you will realise that it is what keeps your song alive.


Success is a limitless creation, man sometimes believe to be a limited joy. 

What is your ambition, kiddo?

When I was a ‘kiddo’, I sometimes found this question pretty boring but at the same time, very amusing. It was too common a question but at the same time a chance for my innovative little mind to create something new. In other words, it was different every time.

When I got into my teenage years, it started to form roots. Which practically means that it had to bear fruit and a unique one at that. After all, I had never seen a tree with two kinds of fruit. So I started to look around. Most of my peers wanted to be an engineer or a doctor. It was a pretty net made by a spider controlled by trend and time. But I wanted to break through. It did not take me much time to realise I was a bit different. I was more interested in ‘why’ than ‘when and where’. I loved to write, draw, make music, think, design, create and the list went on and on. Creativity was a passion. Pictures started to form on the corners of my science textbooks. But I loved science. But I did not want the subject to be taught to me. I wanted to explore science myself. That way it would be an adventure.

I found out that I loved to study English, Philosophy, Psychology and stuff like that. I decided that it would be what I would study when I make it to college. Many of my friends and family still say that I may get a better future if I pursue science. But my answer is still no. Why?

That’s what this post is all about. . . .

Malcolm Gladwell says in one of his books,

“It is better to be a big fish in a small pond than to be a small fish in big pond.”

I’ve known this since I was a kid.

If there is one thing that I value about our world today, it is the fact that it still values uniqueness.

You can only be unique when you accept the uniqueness in you. If you let what the world around you decide what you want to be, then you are not being you, you are being the world around you. If you are doing what you do best, then you always have a better shot at being the big fish in the small pond and as in some cases the only fish in the pond. Your skill will be unparalleled because it will be unique.

I would like to quote from one of my earlier posts:

” The world can only be at it’s best when it’s people are at their best. And the people can only be their best when they do what they do best.”

So what are you waiting for? Make a decision to build your talents and help them shine. It is much more effortless than doing something you have to build up from the bottom. When you are being you and when you build up your talents, you realise you are already half way up the ladder.

The next part of this post is about how you should dream your dreams.

What do you want to be when you get old?

I want to be a guitarist.

Sorry, wrong answer.

Want to know the right answer? Here goes. . .

I want to be the best guitarist I can ever be.

That is when you realise that success is a limitless creation, man sometimes believe to be a limited joy.

Third and most important part of this post.

What do you want to be when you grow old?

I don’t know.

I know that many believe this to be a very dangerous position in life, which is in some cases true. But I believe that it may be a very good indication too.


Because in some cases it may also mean that that person has not yet let others and the environment around him make decisions for him. He is somewhere in the middle. Confused.

What should you do?

The best answer I can give you as a Christian is :

Pray about it. God made you to be who you are. He gave those talents to you for a reason. God made everyone different for a reason. Ask him to show you what you should do. 

So, take the right decisions. Be a blessing to the world. God made you to be you.



Blocks Of Ice.

Realise that life is not race. It’s not a walk either. It’s a step every step of the way.

If you were to ask me to give you a pictorial representation for life, this would be my answer to you. . .

‘Life is like a road made of blocks of ice, where the ice block behind you melts away and the one before you is invisible.’

Close your eyes right now and imagine what I just said.

The block of ice you just passed melts away slowly. It is impossible to retrieve and it slowly fades away, like memory of a time passed slowly melts away from the human brain. It is a gradual process.

Fantastic. Right?

The human brain is so amazing.

The block you are standing on is also made of ice. You can’t stand there forever. This picture helped me to define a true hard worker. A person who waits for the ice on which they stand on to melt until they can no longer stand on it. They try to make the most out of it every time. This is not based on time. But the way we feel time passing by us.

I’d like to think of myself as two people.


That’s right. In regard to how I do my work.

There’s a me that can do the work in a few hours and there’s a me that can do it in a few minutes. The question is who I want to be when I am on that block of ice.

I am I just going to stand there looking out into the future that I can’t even see or am I going to use my time to the best I can.

The block of ice before you is invisible.

In the Bible there is a part where the Israeli people had to cross the Jordan river. The priests holding the ark of God had to step into the water to part the waters. They had to step into the water. They had to get their feet wet. In fact I see that as a leap of faith, believing God will be with them in what was about to come.

Life is also like that. You just move on, trying to make the best move you can every time.

We are all people moving on blocks of ice, alone. Are we?

In my case, I’m a Christian and in many ways in my life I’ve seen how I am never alone. We all have to trust God to help us make the right decisions because he has seen the whole picture.

So move on. Realise that life is not race. It’s not a walk either. It’s a step every step of the way.




Just Think About It!

Learn where you have to be creative and where you have to think. Use them both to create something that will nourish others and remember to never pop that bubble that only you can pop.

I was always fascinated by the human mind. As a kid, I just loved to spend time doing nothing, but think, think and think again about technically everything under the sun.

Dreamer Kid!!

Yep! You can call me that. I think that will be an amazing compliment. In case you want to try that, just leave it in the comments section and like it I will.

I am trying to be funny. Please bear with me.. .

Anyway. . .

So what is this post about?

Thinking and more thinking!!!

If you ask me what thinking is, I would tell you this.

When you are thinking, you are like a sculptor who puts his tools to a giant rock, carving into the rock with all you’ve got with no idea what you are trying to create.

Michelangelo saw his greatest works of art inside those giant rocks before he even laid his hands on it. But believe me when I say that the ideas that led to it were in itself a work of art he worked on in his mind, knowing not what it would look like. In case you are confused, I was talking about how he had to think aimlessly to reach his final picture.

Was it indeed aimless?

That’s a question I had been toying around in my mind for the past many days. Human thinking is extraordinary in the fact that it can grow on it’s own and develop into creativity.

But I believe that creativity and thinking in their purest form are a bit different. When you think, you judge the thoughts that pass your mind.

Creativity is where you accept everything and anything. If you judge it, it’s no more creativity. Yanni, the great musician once implied it in one of his concerts. I think of it like a bubble. Only you can pop it.


Because the mind is the one thing that you can hide from the human eye. It is where every decision starts. But it can be influenced by one thing above all else. thinking itself.

Others can’t get you down unless you think about what they say or do. Only your thinking can limit your thinking. That’s what I meant when I said that only you can pop your bubble of thinking or creativity. No matter what you are going through and what life puts out in front of you and laughs, stare it in the face and say,

God made me with the ability to choose what I think about. He wants me to be great and no matter how many times you try, I am going to think great things. I’m going to think positive.

The human mind makes me think of great shopping malls.

Want to know why?

You go to the shops, but the shops never come to you.

In the mind it’s different. The shops come to you. The thoughts come to you. Its up to you to choose whether to buy it or not.

Another interesting fact is that there is only one person at your counter. Never more.

Think about it yourself. When you are thinking about something. One thought leads to another. And you save the former to your memory for later use and concentrate on the new thought.

Why is it that when you are emotional or sad that you do something to take your mind off the stress. I’ve seen that in many people. As a musician I have felt this often. When I feel bad, I just pick up the Bible or write a new song on my guitar. It takes me to a new place.

In short only one thought stays in your mind at a time.

Recently one of my teachers talked about this phenomenon.

Apparently, even Sigmund Freud agrees with this theory.

When your creativity is at it’s best, you buy everything. And then you think about what you’ve got and you get rid of some of them. This phase is very important for people like musicians. When you play your instrument, you could do a lot of things but you’ve got to play what’s best for the song.

So, what is the final result of our discussion?

Learn where you have to be creative and where you have to think. Use them both to create something that will nourish others and remember to never pop that bubble that only you can pop.

God bless you with a great day.



The Missing Pieces

Know that your life matters. Know that no matter how many times you fall apart, there are always four edges to every piece.

Ever done a puzzle that just made you go mad? 

I still remember how my dad and I fixed up a 1000 piece puzzle. It’s what you see first when you visit us at home. That experience taught me a lot of lessons about life. It taught me that every piece has four edges( except for the edge pieces, but then, that’s beside the point).

Sometimes we look at life looking at the one piece only. Some of us are smart enough to try and look at the edges, but the farthest we go is the one piece next to it. But sometimes we find a piece in solitary, without a match.

The whole picture of life is something man has always searched for. They did find many pieces along the way that many of us never noticed and it made them great. But the truth is only God knows the whole picture of each life because the last pieces of the puzzle may be put in only after our lives on this earth are over. Our lives create an influence on this world and it affects the lives of the generations after us. This also reminds us how important our lives are. We have only one life to live. Live it well.

So, leave it to God, trust in him and ask him for guidance.

We sometimes get depressed when we fall. Remember there are four edges to every piece. God may be leading you through that situation to make you stronger or to make somebody else stronger.

The fascinating part of the puzzle of life is that you don’t have to always figure out each piece. They always fall into place.

So when you feel like you’ve lost it in life, look up at the sky and tell yourself,

“The puzzle is not complete. There is always a beautiful picture in the end. God made it to be like that.”

The one part you can influence is what your picture will be able to tell others.

Will it inspire?

Will it guide?

Think about it. In my post ‘Elementary, dear Watson’, I implied how each man makes a tremendous difference in this world.

The whole world and the people in it is in fact is a puzzle consisting of many puzzles. Each of our lives. We all have a part in the huge picture.

Know that your life matters. Know that no matter how many times you fall apart, there are always four edges to every piece.



You a hear-listener?

Just like what we say directly affects the heart of another, what affects our heart usually directly affects what we say. This is why it is so hard to tame the tongue. But we can, if we learn to tame our hearts.

First of all, I’d like to apologise to all those who just googled the title of this post. I just thought I should contribute to the English vocabulary sometime.

Just joking!!!

Anyway, what is a hear-listener?

Well, a hear-listener is somebody who hears everything but never listens. But he believes that he has been listening. You hear a lot of things but when you pay attention to what you hear, you listen.

This thought was a wake up call for me.

Today, I’m going to talk to you about communication.

Are you a very communicative person?

Most of you would give me a thumbs up for that question. But I would like to point out an important factor about communication.

It requires two people.

Sounds like something you already knew. Right?

But what it means is that both the speakers and their respective contribution to the discussion is equally important. A healthy communication is only possible when there is an equilibrium.

It is sad to say that most of the time, communication becomes a one man show. One of them could just doze off and the other will keep on monologuing.

That is a bit funny, isn’t it?

But it also shows how man has forgotten the joy of a good talk.

And the funny thing is we know it. Take a look at the movies we see today. Even the ‘good mornings’ are said while the speaker’s eyes that are glued to a newspaper or a computer screen.

So, I took a decision. When I’m around my friends, I am going to be hearer or a listner. Never a hear-listener. There are some things that you are supposed to only hear and others you are supposed to listen to. When you are supposed to listen, ask youeself,

Am I hearing?

And when you are supposed to just hear, make sure you are not listening.

Communication is an important part of a human being. The Bible tells us:

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”

Just as what we hear or listen to, what we speak is important. We all need to rethink about what we are going to say. Every word that comes out of our mouth starts what I’d like to call a chain reaction. It passes on from one person to another.

Just as the tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body, it is what that usually hurts most because it is used to speak directly to the heart of another human being.

‘Let our words be life. Let our words be truth.’ I got this from ‘words’ by Hawk Nelson. It is a beautiful song.

Yes, we all fail sometimes. Just like what we say directly affects the heart of another, what affects our heart usually directly affects what we say. This is why it is so hard to tame the tongue. But we can, if we learn to tame our hearts.

So brothers and sisters, take this as a challenge. I have already decided to try hard. Join me in this venture, a venture that can change hearts.