Guitar Classes


For the past few months I’ve been teaching my friends here in India how to play the guitar. When I started out, I didn’t have the opportunity to go to guitar classes. I set off on my journey with a banged up 30-year-old guitar and a lot of heart. About 6 years later, the guitar is something that breathes so much joy and confidence into my life. I won competitions, played in a few bands, wrote my own songs, and learnt to play my favorite guitar solos. It opened my ears to understanding music at a very deep level.

In my classes, I dive deep into what music is. Of course, it’s mainly about learning how to play the guitar but what I want for you is so much more than that. I want you to be able to listen to a guitar and say exactly what infuses it with heart and soul. My classes are very unconventional. I don’t bog my students down with theory. I ask them clear questions to understand what they imagine their future would look like if they knew how to play the guitar and I work along with them to realize it. For me, that image was sitting by the window when it’s raining outside and composing music. To this day, that’s when I feel the most comfortable playing my guitar. My students have given me such interesting images of what they hope to realize through their instrument. Once you give me your dream, I’ll help you realize it.

I know what it’s like to be afraid to spend a lot of money on learning a new skill. My classes are very affordable. They cost around 10 dollars a month. I spend 2-3hrs online with you every week. But learning is not limited to those few hours. Throughout the week, we’ll be in conversation, sharing new discoveries, finding new music etc. You’ll receive notes, access to playlists, backing tracks and many other goodies I create for my friends. I really enjoy doing this. Of course, it’s nice to have a bit of money of my own that I can use to invest in myself but the reason why I do this is because i genuinely love music and people.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, contact me at

I’d love to share the joy of music with you!

Here are some videos of me playing guitar and some songs I’ve written:

Guitar Solos

(7) Heart- Alone. Guitar Solo Cover – YouTube

(7) Roxette- Listen to your heart. Guitar solo – YouTube

Original Songs:

(7) Subterranean. An Original – YouTube

(7) Taper. A Song About Creative Blocks – YouTube

(7) Mr. Spiel. A Song About Conventions and Rules – YouTube

(7) Of Love And Safety. A Song About Finding Security In Strange Places – YouTube

You can find more of my music on the same YouTube Channel

And here’s a testimonial from one of my students:

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