Old Is More Than Gold.

Old will be worth much more than gold in a hundred years. Yep I’m keeping these cassettes.

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I am a college student, studying in India. I'm a musician and I love to write, be on stage, and meet people. My blogs are about looking at life from a new perspective. I try to talk about the things we all sometimes miss out on.

13 thoughts on “Old Is More Than Gold.”

    1. Definitely. It’s so retro. My dad had these really old tapes that were so huge. I think we still have some of them. They don’t work but they’re just so awesome!


    1. I have a lot of CDs too. But I never use them. MP3s did a lot for music and took a lot from it too. Did you know that what you hear on Spotify is technically massively different from the real recording?

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  1. Keep them somewhere dry! I dug out some an old videos a while back and the tape had bonded to itself because of humidity. I unspooled the tape manually, but only saved something like 20 minutes of a 3 hour video.

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