Clothes For My Pimples

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Treat it for what it is. A minute real estate on your face with very little resale value for the next few weeks.

Why do we wear clothes?

Go ahead and google it. It’s amusing to see how the web manages to give relevant answers to questions like these.

We wear clothes for protection, for decoration and mostly to keep what’s private, private.

When Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden fruit. they lost the glory of God that clothed them and they clothed themselves with leaves.

I sometimes wish I had clothes for other stuff. Like pimples and scars.

My skin has a thing for pimples. Despite my mother’s incessant instructions not to pop them, I still do it. And because of this habit I had trouble walking with my head held up high when I was in school. People sometimes don’t see how much pimples can affect someone. It was torture for me. My face used to shrink to the size of a small spot. Metaphorically, of course.

Here I was, a teenage kid with a lot of potential. I had everything going for me. I mean, I did struggle a bit during high school with academics (regardless of which I ended up at my dream university) but other than that, I was doing great. I loved meeting people and having a good conversation. The only thing that kept me from enjoying every single minute of my day most days was the number of pimples on my face. That’s sad.

You do get better at living with your pimples. It gets easier. But I didn’t want to live with them. If I was not responsible for them and they were going to be a part of my life regardless, I could not afford to let them be even the slightest of my worries.

I learnt, though at a very slow pace, that nobody actually cared about my pimples. At least not as much as I thought they did. I also learnt that sometimes not every part of who you are will serve your confidence and that you have to choose what to focus on.

Me being a born-again Christian, realised that it is in God that my value is found. It is his glory that now clothed me and made me who I was. That realisation helped me a lot.

You, dear reader, have to realise that I am talking about a problem that is nothing compared to the millions of problems that are out there. But it definitely is one. Which is why I thought I should talk about how hurtful it could be when you stare at somebody’s pimple or even point it out in public. Even when it seems like it’s no big deal.

Before I go, to all my friends with pimples: Really, it’s not a big deal. Don’t worry too much. Treat it for what it is. A minute real estate on your face with very little resale value for the next few weeks. If you really want to make a mountain out of it, call them volcanoes of purity or call yourself pompously pimplified. I hope that was not gross.

Anyway, if you’ve actually read till here, you deserve an award. Please claim my respect by saying a hi in the comments. Joking. You don’t have to do that. I love you all nevertheless.

Have a blast just existing!

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I am a college student, studying in India. I'm a musician and I love to write, be on stage, and meet people. My blogs are about looking at life from a new perspective. I try to talk about the things we all sometimes miss out on.

26 thoughts on “Clothes For My Pimples”

  1. Great message! Growing up this was a struggle of mine, “acne-pimple prone skin.” Due largely to the oily nature of my skin, which I learned later in my adulthood, my skin would have frequent breakouts, driving my self-esteem into the abyss. I spent years fighting the problem the “wrong way,” MINE!

    Much later on, many years later, and after trying oodles of products, the Lord broke through. As I honestly look back, it wasn’t until my relationship with the Lord was truly established, that how I viewed myself and how I began to care for my skin changed.

    Today, I use an essential oil mixture, a tonic, which the Lord revealed to me works for my skin. It doesn’t mean that I don’t still have issues from time to time, but they’re NOTHING like they were when I was younger…

    But there’s another layer to this story! I have a now 22 year old daughter who deals with the same thing, but her self esteem isn’t affected like mine was. THAT’S ALL GOD for sure. And as of lately, the Lord’s really led her to better care for her skin, which I believe is the offspring of her relationship with Him…Abba cares about us and He cares about everything that we care about. With this, He stands ready, willing, and FULL ABLE to help us through live, even with dealing with something that many may view as insignificant….

    “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers…3 John 2

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  2. Hi Stefan. pimples, acne, keep your hands off your face is the starting point. Use a cleanser on your face such as Rose Water. I advised a young woman to do this for her acne and 3 days later it was gone. The woman washed her faced every night with Rose Water. The other I would recommend is Witch Hazel is very good at cleansing and is often one the main ingredients for face cleansers. I have not been able to find Witch Hazel where I live. Through God I only use natural products which I make myself.

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  3. Hi Stefan, you had me at the title here! I had acne as a teenager too and it was like the world stopped while I tried to fix it with any product I could hound my parents to buy me, sigh, tough life back then right?! I’m so thankful now that it made me stronger (thick skin instead of pimply skin…)

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