Just Think About It!

Learn where you have to be creative and where you have to think. Use them both to create something that will nourish others and remember to never pop that bubble that only you can pop.


I was always fascinated by the human mind. As a kid, I just loved to spend time doing nothing, but think, think and think again about technically everything under the sun.

Dreamer Kid!!

Yep! You can call me that. I think that will be an amazing compliment. In case you want to try that, just leave it in the comments section and like it I will.

I am trying to be funny. Please bear with me.. .

Anyway. . .

So what is this post about?

Thinking and more thinking!!!

If you ask me what thinking is, I would tell you this.

When you are thinking, you are like a sculptor who puts his tools to a giant rock, carving into the rock with all you’ve got with no idea what you are trying to create.

Michelangelo saw his greatest works of art inside those giant rocks before he even laid his hands on it. But believe me when I say that the ideas that led to it were in itself a work of art he worked on in his mind, knowing not what it would look like. In case you are confused, I was talking about how he had to think aimlessly to reach his final picture.

Was it indeed aimless?

That’s a question I had been toying around in my mind for the past many days. Human thinking is extraordinary in the fact that it can grow on it’s own and develop into creativity.

But I believe that creativity and thinking in their purest form are a bit different. When you think, you judge the thoughts that pass your mind.

Creativity is where you accept everything and anything. If you judge it, it’s no more creativity. Yanni, the great musician once implied it in one of his concerts. I think of it like a bubble. Only you can pop it.


Because the mind is the one thing that you can hide from the human eye. It is where every decision starts. But it can be influenced by one thing above all else. thinking itself.

Others can’t get you down unless you think about what they say or do. Only your thinking can limit your thinking. That’s what I meant when I said that only you can pop your bubble of thinking or creativity. No matter what you are going through and what life puts out in front of you and laughs, stare it in the face and say,

God made me with the ability to choose what I think about. He wants me to be great and no matter how many times you try, I am going to think great things. I’m going to think positive.

The human mind makes me think of great shopping malls.

Want to know why?

You go to the shops, but the shops never come to you.

In the mind it’s different. The shops come to you. The thoughts come to you. Its up to you to choose whether to buy it or not.

Another interesting fact is that there is only one person at your counter. Never more.

Think about it yourself. When you are thinking about something. One thought leads to another. And you save the former to your memory for later use and concentrate on the new thought.

Why is it that when you are emotional or sad that you do something to take your mind off the stress. I’ve seen that in many people. As a musician I have felt this often. When I feel bad, I just pick up the Bible or write a new song on my guitar. It takes me to a new place.

In short only one thought stays in your mind at a time.

Recently one of my teachers talked about this phenomenon.

Apparently, even Sigmund Freud agrees with this theory.

When your creativity is at it’s best, you buy everything. And then you think about what you’ve got and you get rid of some of them. This phase is very important for people like musicians. When you play your instrument, you could do a lot of things but you’ve got to play what’s best for the song.

So, what is the final result of our discussion?

Learn where you have to be creative and where you have to think. Use them both to create something that will nourish others and remember to never pop that bubble that only you can pop.

God bless you with a great day.



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