Life in itself


via Daily Prompt: Champion

According to me, a champion is someone who is a champion at heart, not just one who is a champion at his art. In a world that is frowning and staring out for answers and results, we forget there is always a question. It starts in the mind.

Champions are of many types. But today I’d like to highlight two:

  1. Champions at heart who were able to portray their art because of a string of serendipities.
  2.  Champions at heart who remain so because they didn’t get the opportunity to portray their talents.

The world recognizes the first as ‘champion’ while the second is one too.

You could be the best singer of your time and you could pass by some kid on the street who is just as talented.

The world has seen the result of one’s hard work and God-given talent but ignored another who is in a way ‘the uncrowned king’.

We are all champions at ‘something’.

You could be a champion at something, but the world may never classify you as a champion just because they do not recognize you ability as worthy of championship.

So, remember that you are a champion always because you are unique. Because you will always be a champion at being you!!!!!!

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