The Smiling Homo Sapien

A smile is the most influential gesture in the life of a human being. Because it is one of the first gestures it uses to connect to many emotions.


We live in a world that is closely observing, to an unbelievable extent, the subtle movements in our life. We often fail to recognize the unconscious part of an analyzing human being, that observes the unconscious movements of another of its own kind. We do that because we have been through a similar situation. That situation makes us notice a situation similar to itself, when one passes by. Over time, man has given this phenomenon linguistically beautiful phrases like the ‘sixth sense’. You don’t know why, but you still know.

This ‘sixth sense’ varies in intensity. A baby won’t have the same sixth sense as an 80-year-old lady.


Because it has seen so little. Very few experiences to give it even a hint of what the result might be like.

But there is just one sixth sense you see even in a baby( with their eyes open).

When you smile, It returns the smile with grace. One that usually ends up in a short-period laugh and hiccups.

It does not care about your clothes, your smell, or your shabby looks. It takes into account the smile only.


Because that is what it first saw when it opened its eyes. Everybody was smiling. Its mother was smiling. If there’s one thing a baby knows, it is its own mother. It knows. The heart beat, the skin, it all gives comfort. A connection was made between love, comfort, food, happiness and a smile. When it comes across a smile the next time, it goes through the same emotions it had connected it with.

Why do you stand among a crowd and immediately notice someone who’s smiling at you?

Ask the baby!!

When you’ve already made a connection in your brain, when you see it again, your mind forces you to focus. Your mind wants to know if you are going through the same situation.

How is my theory?

I am not saying that this is absolutely true. But I guess it speaks for itself. The genius of our creator is so beyond our wildest imaginations.

What I am trying to say is, a smile is the most influential gesture in the life of a human being. Because it is one of the first gestures it uses to connect to many emotions.

We are all human beings. We can’t help liking somebody who smiles at us.


Because it is one of the basic foundations on which you build up many ideas and possibilities. Sometimes, beyond it, imagination is really hard.’

I say ‘one’ because there might be so much more.

The Bible tells us we have all been fearfully and wonderfully made. We are awed and also inspired at the same time with our own lives.

Explore for yourselves. But in the mean time, smile!!!!

8 thoughts on “The Smiling Homo Sapien

      1. You have picked up a very nice hobby.. Keep it up and you will find satisfaction.. Writing gives us the platform to express our thoughts.. Keep writing ☺

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