You become beautiful when you make others around you feel beautiful.


All of us long to be beautiful. We believe it will gain us attention, praise and fame. If you show me a person who does not want to be beautiful, I will pay you. Seriously.

Our life is a highway. There are people who live on the fast lane, while there are people who keep to the side while others swish past them. There are people on great cars while there are people on lawn mowers. Well riding on a lawn mower is technically impossible, as is using it on a highway. Well, just humour me for a few minutes.

As I was saying, we define our pace based on the cars around us. You could be the fastest car on track until somebody else comes by, gives you a cheeky smile and overtakes your now ‘late 20th century’ car.

Keeping that in mind, let me tell you where the real beauty lies.

Imagine one of your friends is extraordinarily beautiful. He has just one problem – pride and a very domineering behavior. Another one of your friends is not a winner in looks  at all. But he’s always there for you and values you and your company.

Who will get the attention?

At first glance, the first friend will be the winner. But believe me when I say that in the long run, he’s going to get a lot of attention he doesn’t want.

The second friend, though he’s not good looking, will earn for himself many an ear. He will receive the positive attention many would give anything for. Because of his character, you will strive to find beautiful things in him, which will make him beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside. In the case of the first guy, you will fight tooth and nail to convince yourself that he is not beautiful. Which will take away the beauty he already has in your eyes.

Well this is what it all comes down to:

You become beautiful when you make others around you feel beautiful.

When you look at a flower, you define its beauty by what you see. It’s not the same with a human being. A flower can’t think the way we think. It can’t talk to us like others do. This is why we define its beauty by what we see. But in our case, we can talk. We can hurt others or lift each other up with our words as we choose. We have the freedom to think and act and it impacts the way others see us. In other words, it impacts our beauty.

God made us to love others like he loved us. His creation shows his love for us. Wherever you look, you see beauty and the ‘genius’ behind it. Why should we be the ones to disrupt the beauty around us? Why should we be left out of the beautiful beings God intented us to be? Our happiness itself will give us beauty. Why is it that when you laugh, lots of good hormones are released in your body? It could have been the other way round. Why not some bad hormones? Why were we not created so? It is possible, though you may say I’m crazy. Someone up above intended us to be happy. Someone wanted us to laugh. Someone wanted us to be beautiful. 

In the Bible, Jesus says, ‘By this the world will know that you are my disciples, when you love one another as I have loved you’.

Love one another. Be beautiful. Show the world where the real beauty lies.

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