Science or Philosophy?

Which is greater? Science or Philosophy?

My grandfather taught me the difference between Science and Philosophy. He defined Science as the number of petals in a flower and Philosophy as the beauty of the petals.

According to me, Philosophy is much greater than Science. I believe that our mind has two  parts, a scientific one and a philosophical one.

When we are met with a choice of cool drinks, suppose you have diet coke and the normal coke. Your scientific mind will point out the ‘diet’ part of the coke. But then your Philosophical mind kicks in and tells you to stick with a glass of water and the feeling that you did good to your money and your body.

That was just a joke. Well, maybe.

But here’s another point. I believe you wouldn’t have the curiosity to find out and search for answers if you did not have a philosophical mind. Philosophy shows you the importance of finding the answer to a particular question. I believe it even makes you aware of the importance of science as a way to find answers.

We all live in a 3 dimensional world where we are given the ability to feel something beyond what we see, things that are in a fourth dimension. This may be one of the many reasons why we feel them without limits. Faith, love, happiness, we all feel them not knowing whether or not they have a limit. Being just a 16-year-old, I don’t know all the Physics and Chemistry to give a very scientific explanation. But I would like to point out one small factor we often forget when we evaluate something we can’t see but do feel. We try to define it by dimensions we see. We measure distances, tracks of land, water tanks and big huge buildings because we can see it, its length, breadth and height. Well, here’s the breaking news. We have to define the  things we can’t see with dimensions we can’t see. Well, then you would probably ask me, what about the wind. You don’t see it. Do you? But you see its effect in your surroundings. Take the example of love. When you  give your children a hug and a goodnight, you don’t see the love that passes from you to them. But you see its effect. The kid goes to sleep with a smile. This is what usually helps you to evaluate the potential of an act of kindness, care and love.

You can never define to a complete extent, the love a mother has for her children with science. You can never describe feelings either. Science will tell you how those tears came but philosophy will tell you why it came.

But this doesn’t mean Science is nothing. It is an amazing subject. It allows you to experience life to a greater extent.

Imagine yourself listening to a classical piece by Bach. You will never be able to enjoy the twists and turns in the musical notes to the extent a musician does.

But for me the greatest reason why I love philosophy is because it shows me there is a God.

I learned this during youth group at Church

No animal around us develops using its resources. The nest a bird made a thousand years ago is the same nest it makes today. But humans have changed. Why?

The Bible tells us God made us in His image. God is somebody who created the whole universe. This could be the only reason.

Consider this:

You look at a picture of millions of stars in the night sky and you say: Wow!

A 4-year-old kid looks at the same picture and utters the ‘wow’ with the same awe and wonder with which you do. In fact you both feel an equal wonder about the picture.This is because it is beyond the understanding of you both.

Now consider something that a human being brought about. Take a painting by Pablo Picasso or the Theory of Relativity. You and that kid, believe me, will utter different ‘WOW’s.

Everything around us that we never made, all of that is enjoyed by everyone, the blind, the child, the adult to the same extent. This itself is the proof for a master planner, a creator who is way beyond us.

Everything around us is greater than what we could ever make up on our own.

But the funny thing is we can still enjoy it. Why?

Because somebody made it to be like that, so that we could enjoy it without knowing everything about it.

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I am a college student, studying in India. I'm a musician and I love to write, be on stage, and meet people. My blogs are about looking at life from a new perspective. I try to talk about the things we all sometimes miss out on.

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