Wrong limits

We all go through phases in life where we don’t know what’s going on with us. Everything we used to be sometimes seem to go downhill. Every human being is competent and worthy of praise, seeing that we are all different unique in mental and physical composition and as there will never be a perfect system to evaluate us all perfectly. We have to be careful that we never judge a person based on these incomplete standards of quality. We do so usually and many a time we end up with regret when life brings us face to face with them many years later and we see that we judged them wrong. Talent is not specific. You can have a talent that no one has ever seen on the face of the earth. You could be best at what you do in that small area of your life. But you could go unnoticed just because it’s not classified generally as talent.

Today what I would like to tell you is that you should evaluate the limits you set in your life. In the human sense, you as a human being in all your greatest potential is the limit you have in life. The only person standing between you and your success is you. As a Christian, I believe in this. Sometimes your relationship with God is not going well because you are standing in the way. And believe me when God is in total control of your life, you as a human being, regardless of your potential, has no limits. This is something I am still learning.

 No one is perfect. Sometimes we fall down from success not because we are not working hard and trying our best. It’s because sometimes we don’t believe in ourselves and we don’t believe God can work miracles.

You can be the most talented person in your small little world and still just barely make it in life. Just because you don’t believe in yourself. Dedication, interest and work ethic all cling to this one thread. Instead of criticizing yourself for everything you don’t have in life, you could look in the mirror and see that you are a masterpiece. It takes courage to look these things in the eye and make your point because most times you are fighting against  you .

So take of those labels. See yourself through the eyes of your maker. Because whoever you are, whatever be your past, you are his masterpiece. He has already defined you and no one else can, without your permission. Take those limits you’ve set for yourself and let God define them. Believe me you will see wonders sprout into your life.

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I am a college student, studying in India. I'm a musician and I love to write, be on stage, and meet people. My blogs are about looking at life from a new perspective. I try to talk about the things we all sometimes miss out on.

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