Loneliness Can Be Good

We all hate to be alone. Solitude may be the worst punishment you could ever have. As a kid when I was growing up I was not the coolest kid in school. Others made fun of me and sometimes it would hurt when they left me out. But now I look back at it with a laugh. Loneliness made me think. Since I had no special friends to talk to all day, it made me more studious. I started to put my feeling into my poems, stories and my paintings even without knowing it. There was always a serenity, a quiet that I almost enjoyed. My own special place.

When I was a kid I spent my time very creatively. I used to make boats and planes from toy cars and biscuit tins and make up stories for each of them. Those stories are still with me. One of my favourite pastime pleasures was sitting by the broad window in peace and quiet with a glass of sparkling water and reading taking an occasional sip. This would last for hours, ending up in frequent visits to the toilet, because I would have covered at least six glasses of water during that time.

This solitude also led me to books. And I learned to find friends among the characters in the books I read and I became addicted to books. It lead me to my love for English and that’s what I want to  be studying if God permits.

It also led me towards the God I know. I realized that friends that I have today will never love me like a God who laid down his own life for this everlasting relationship. It was a friendship where I was given love and comfort where I never deserved it. You may say this is just a bunch of soothing words for wimps like me. But this has been an experience for me. God is still teaching me love the lonely around me through my experience. When we   leave out a friend from something special next time, you and I both have to stop and think. I am not saying that I do that every time. When you are among you’re friends it would mean letting go of your pride and standing among them a bit when you talk to some so-not-cool kid. Sometimes they may not even deserve it. But God gives us unconditional love every day so try to give it away. Today I am much more sociable than I was a few years ago. I enjoy the joy of friendship like any other teenager but sometimes I miss out on the good parts of those old days. I believe God led me through it to understand many other people better. Funny isn’t it? Well His ways are sometimes not our ways.. . .

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I am a college student, studying in India. I'm a musician and I love to write, be on stage, and meet people. My blogs are about looking at life from a new perspective. I try to talk about the things we all sometimes miss out on.

2 thoughts on “Loneliness Can Be Good”

  1. Hi,
    I was greatly encouraged by your writings today….Made me Remember my college days and the times I felt lonely too…I was expecting love and care from those that were around me when, I myself wasn’t loving or caring for anyone.
    Then, just like you, I found one who loves us unconditionally ….’Yes it’s our Lord’….Who satisfied my soul that I stopped looking at myself and my selfish needs and could reach out and love and be there for someone who needed to be loved.
    You are absolutely right ….It is God in our lives and our relationship with him that makes our lives worth living…
    God bless you son….

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