Will Robots Rule?

Just read about the new robots that just joined our daily lives. Looks really sophisticated and all that and thought I should share with you the line of thoughts that came with it.

With the recent development in technology, the theory or fictional prophecies of a world were robots will rule over its maker is unavoidable and receiving recognition of science geeks and critics equally. We believe that robots will achieve through us or on its own accord a capacity to reason and take the ultimate decision to destroy its superior existence, Homo sapiens.

There are a few reasons why I as a kid, a science student and Christian believe that robots will never rule over us.

Take the situations you go through in a mathematics class in school. When you have prove something the first step you go through is assume something. You assume things you have not yet found because you don’t have the complete knowledge on the subject. Where there is full  and complete knowledge, there is no assumption required. As  Christian I believe God does not have to go through this process of assumption because he created everything and has complete knowledge of his creation. We will never be able to understand the whole of creation because we are the creation. A robot we make will have to make assumptions we would never have to make because of our superior knowledge. You cannot transfer the complete knowledge you have. Only a being superior than yours can do that. So when you create a robot you will never be able to create a robot that will be able to perform to the  same intellectual capacity as its maker because the logic you inject into them is based on your logic.

Well then what about their might?

Well look around you. The elephants, the tigers, the lions. . . Do you think you can stand a chance against them in a one on one fight? But we control them, we keep them at bay and manipulate them because of our superior intellect.

God created us as the most superior being in the whole planet to be above every other being. It was not just to be ruled by something we make

So there is no way that they will overpower us. Not in a million years!!


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